Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year ... New Blog ... Welcome to My World

Happy 2011

I hope you all had memorable holidays - whichever you celebrate - and that you were able to bring 2011 in with those you love. We did both. Christmas in our home was amazing, with two Santa-believing boys and two happily-home-from-college girls on a well-deserved break. And my wonderful m-i-l who fills with just tears watching the kids and listening to the things they say (out of the mouths of babes). The hubs and I marveled at watching the excitement of Christmas through our boys eyes once again. Nothing beats it. I also love watching our girls become such individuals and really come into their own through this time in life. They are both very different, and still both beautiful and wonderful people who I am sooo proud of.  And while life in our house can get very hectic (maybe just a small understatement), the joy of having everyone together under one roof is unlike any other.

Please disregard the messiness of the kitchen in the background (as well as the early-Christmas-morning gaze we all seem to have) ... sometimes you have to just let it go ... :-)

Again, happy new year to anyone reading ... I'm excited to see what this blog may develop in to over the year ... perhaps nothing more than a scrapbook for myself ... but, if that's the case, again ... I'm okay with that.  :-)

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